Residency FW 2018 - 2019

Rebecca Goldberg has more than 10 years of experience leading large scale public health initiatives to prevent the spread of HIV and to strengthen the quality of care accessible to people who use drugs. After directing one of the largest Harm Reduction programs in New York City, her work has become focused on developing the leadership qualities of the workforces that serve marginalized communities.
In 2017 she launched Growing Into Power, a website for women and people of color who haven’t seen people who look like them in positions of power, and who have been historically excluded from the sphere of professional leadership grooming. Twice weekly Rebecca posts practical tips for a new generation of diverse leaders to help them create inclusive and effective workplaces. In addition, she provides organizational management support for nonprofits, individual career strategizing, and trainings on management best practices for the community.
She holds a BA from Bard College.

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