Design and Source Labs is a free co-working residence and a brand development think tank for social good. Our goal is to nurture career growth, sustainable thinking, and to rethink how things are made for social good.

When talents from different fields come together and challenge one another by working towards a common project, unexpected results can happen. We believe that fostering such an environment can be a game changer for our society.

Offering the same resources as traditional co-working spaces, Design and Source Labs gives passionate individuals the chance to develop their ideas and work on personal projects— without the monthly membership fee.

In order to use the Design and Source Labs facilities, each individual participates in DS Labs projects with other residents, working towards a common project for a period of 6 months or more.

These collective projects, along a nurturing and dynamic environment of coaching and valuable resources  _help  our residents improve their practice and push forth innovative ideas for a common good.

Projects, both analog and tech based, are developed to join forces with brands, CSR programs and not-for-profits to help raise awareness on sustainable issues and reach a larger audience.

All DS Labs projects are fully funded, and any profit turned is re-invested to help the labs sustain themselves.

Design and Source Labs are powered by Design and Source, an award winning supllier of branded merchandise and luxury packaging.


Design and Source Labs is a semi-annual competitive application. We select a small team of residents based on a diversity of fields, sustainable ideas and positive outlook and character.

You are a freelancer, a start up with a small team, a creative or thinker from any field who wishes to run your company or practice in a multidisciplinary environment and to lend your mind to a common project.


We offer different options of residencies, from 6 months to more, with an exclusive desk and/or a unique access to the gathering space with labs and online classes.

Upon your choice of residency, you will be plugged in projects  with a select group of individuals to collaborate as a unit, remotely or on site.

Five question application _ we want to learn about you, your drive, your skills, your dream project.  

1. Your name, contact information, social media handles, and résumé.

2. Your organization/company and how many people in your team.

3. What skills do you have (from previous page)? Please list by numbers and add others if non-listed.

4. What social issue or organization you care about?

5. A dream project you want to share with us

Please submit your application  to labs@dsnyc.com

Deadline March 30th 2020

(Additional attachment 2MB limit)

If you are selected, we will contact you for an interview and ask for references.