Residency SS 2019

Daniel Abse is a New York-based multimedia designer, actor and voiceover artist. As a designer, Daniel works under the brand name Retrocast Lab, where he creates motion graphics, animation, graphic design, sound design, and does video editing. He is on the Advisory Board of the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation, an organization devoted to the arts, education, and mentoring. As an actor, Daniel has appeared onstage in New York, and has been seen on television and independent film. Additionally, he has been coaching actors, opera singers, and students for fifteen years and was trained in acting and directing by George DiCenzo, and has additional training from Yale Drama School. Daniel has produced work for many non-profits, most notably CauseVision, a media production company devoted to combat human trafficking. He holds a Masters in English Education from the University of Pennsylvania, where he is also finishing his MPhil in English, Comparative Literature, and Theatre.


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