Design and Source Labs is a residency for creative minds. Our goal is to nurture career growth, sustainable thinking, and to rethink how things are made for social good.

When talents from different fields come together and challenge one another by working towards a common project, unexpected results can happen. We believe that fostering such an environment can be a game changer for our society.

Through a semi-annual application process, we select a team of innovative residents from a wide range of fields. The selected group of individuals may then collaborate as a unit, pushing forth sustainable ideas with a positive outlook.


Design and Source Labs is a free co-working residency designed to stimulate personal growth and idea generation, both individually and as a collective.

Offering the same resources as traditional co-working spaces, DS Labs gives passionate individuals the chance to develop their ideas and work on personal projects— without the monthly membership fee.

In order to use the DS Labs facilities, each individual participates in a weekly DS Labs session with other residents, working towards a common project for a period of 6 months or more. These meetings, along with the feedback given by our knowledgeable influencers, help our residents improve their practice and continue pushing their boundaries.


Our projects challenge traditional feel-good statements about sustainability, and bringing its importance outside of our social media bubbles. Each endeavor works towards nurturing a collective consciousness.

Through partnering with minds across multiple industries in corporations and nonprofits, we raise awareness on issues surrounding sustainability. Our analog and digital based projects transform the product into the medium in order to disseminate our message on a larger scale.

DSLABS are powered by Design and Source, an award winning supllier of branded merchandise and luxury packaging.


Laura Tufariello _
Design and Source Productions, Inc & Design and Source Labs

An active player in sustainability for nearly 20 years, Laura Tufariello is well versed on the importance of corporate social responsibility. She is a strong believer that corporations can be prime drivers of societal change by increasing developing new social practices.

With her founding of Design and Source Labs in 1996, Laura entered the world of branded merchandise, offering clients innovative options in luxury packaging. She also introduced the US market to an award-winning paper made of stone, called TerraSkin™, investing over a million dollars in its development. TerraSkin was used as luxury packaging for MoMA, Diane von Furstenberg, Takashimaya and many other innovative brands.

Proud to be one of the founding members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, Laura continues to educate businesses on the importance of working towards social good.

Looking to start her next chapter in sustainability, Laura is looking beyond her business practice of providing packaging application but towards a new business application based on a circular collaborative system to further interact with evolving ecosystems.

Frederique Thiollet _
Design & Source Labs

A curatorial and artistic director, Frederique Thiollet is continuously exploring undefined and transitive formats, striving to break away from traditional modes of exhibition and commerce.

Through her curatorial agency Hotel Particulier, Frederique generates projects through conceptual series, where emerging and established artists are invited to collaborate with specific and unique works across the contexts of art, fashion, design, experimental film, performance and sound. Working at the intersection of disciplines is at the center of her practice and belief; building bridges and evolving outside of silos to develop new languages.

Through facilitating in conversations, Frederique synthesizes ideas into strategies that embody each of the ideas from the residents, transcending these ideas to a new plateau of development _ overarching goal of pursuing a common good which transcends authorship and self-interest.


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