Residents FW 2017-18

Sashko Danylenko is an award-winning animation filmmaker from Ukraine whose work explores wonder and curiosity. He joins folk and contemporary, nature and digital in his works. He creates magic worlds with colorful characters and extraordinary allegories. In 2015, Sashko decided to travel to the USA to broaden his horizons and seek new experiences and inspiration. Now he working on his comic book projects and on documentary animation films. Prior to joining DSLABS, Sasko Danylenko was a resident at TED, Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris, and School of Life in London.


Createvores _  Julian Locke has spent his career in TV production and worked as an Executive Producer for a number of multi-episodic shows including House Hunters International on HGTV, Man Caves on DIY Network, Disaster Guy on A&E and Taste in Translation on the Cooking Channel. In January 2017, Julian started Createvores a staffing and recruitment agency for TV and Video Production. The company is positioned to sit between the job boards and the big Hollywood agents staffing below the line positions. Createvores is build off the back of an influential Facebook networking group called NYTV People, which boasts 18,000+ members from TV and digital production industries. The group recently expanded into LA, DC, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago and Miami giving them a nationwide reach. Julian is excited to join the DS Labs Residency Program and is looking forward to collaborating with the other participants.



NY TV People

SoaPen (Shubham Issar, Amanat Anand, Yogita Agrawal) is an innovative teaching tool that reimagines the way that kids are taught hand washing to create a habit that they retain for a lifetime. Soap Pen won the Wearables for Good Challenge by UNICEF, ARM and frog design in 2015, receiving mentorship and funding to develop SoaPen and is a Forbes Under 30 recognized young social enterprise. The founders (L-R) Shubham Issar, Amanat Anand are based in New York, USA while Yogita Agrawal is based in Mumbai, India.


Canal (Jonathan Ngan) is inspired by the iconic street in New York City, Canal exists as the sum of these influences and more. The brand concept was conceived in 2006. At the core of our movement lies the intersections of skateboarding, art and design.


Shaan Couture _ Originally from France, Shaan lived in Montreal, Canada, and San Diego, CA, before moving back to New York where she currently works as a freelance film director/producer. With a B.A. in Sociology, and a master in Communication (specializing in emotional and non-verbal communication), Shaan has always been passionate about human interactions. Capturing people's habits and emotions are her main interests, and even though she speaks 4 languages, she best expresses herself through images, whether they are still or moving. In 2011, Shaan co-founded WediaWix, a production company, specializing in documentary film making and short films, which allows her to produce her own projects. Among other things, Shaan is currently shooting a new documentary film entitled "Harlem Beats".


in the news_

Shaan Couture takes part in a 72 hour film contest  _ Nov.2017


Animation film by Sashko Danylenko for TED. How does your body know you're full? 

_ Nov.2017

“Thin Lines” by Shaan Couture wins best Actor Award at the Chelsea Film Festival _ Oct.2017

Short Film “Thin Lines” by Shaan Couture selected at the Chelsea Film Festival 

_ Oct.2017

SoapPen made their Kickstarters campaign!

The Soap Kids Love to Use by Team SoaPen

_ Oct.2017


Video project by Canal Limited PLAY pt. 1

_ Oct.2017